New Zealand Māori Council

Statutory representative body under the Māori Community Development Act 1962.

In light of recent media reporting, Peter Fraser, National Secretary of the New Zealand Māori Council (NZMC), is publicly reconfirming that Mr Matthew Tukaki no longer holds any role within the NZMC.

Specifically, Mr Tukaki’s association with the NZMC ended on 30 April 2021.

Mr Fraser explains:
“It has come to our attention an obsolete website is still partially functional and lists Mr Tukaki as the Executive Director of the NZMC. Unfortunately, this has led to considerable confusion. This website is not controlled by the NZMC and we are actively seeking to have it removed and control over the associated url returned to us.”

“The correct site for the NZMC can be found at”

Mr Fraser further explained:
“The NZMC holds elections every three years, with the last two elections held in 2018 and 2021 respectively.”

“In 2018, Mr Tukaki was appointed as a member on the Auckland District Māori Council. He was subsequently appointed by the Auckland District Māori Council as one of its representatives on the New Zealand Māori Council.”

“During this period, Mr Tukaki was also appointed to the role NZMC Executive Director.”
“However, the 2021 election process did not result in Mr Tukaki being reappointed to the Auckland District Māori Council, which precluded him from being reappointed to the New Zealand Māori Council. This meant once Mr Tukaki’s 2018 term was completed, he was no longer a member of the New Zealand Māori Council – and also ceased being its Executive Director.”
Mr Fraser concludes:
“On 21 June 2021, Mr Tukaki brought a claim before the High Court alleging election irregularities and sought an injunction to prevent the new office holders operating the NZMC. The application was dismissed on 25 June 2021 with the substantive application discontinued.”

Mr Tukaki is currently chair of Ngā Ngaru, which is operating as the National Māori Authority. This organisation is completely separate to, and no relationship with, the NZMC.