New Zealand Māori Council

Statutory representative body under the Māori Community Development Act 1962.

Introducing 'The Maori Millionaire' and the 'New Zealand Maori Council'

In a ground-breaking collaboration aimed at empowering the youth and fostering civic engagement, the iconic influencer known as 'The Maori Millionaire' has partnered with the esteemed 'New Zealand Maori Council' to inspire and motivate 18-year-olds to register to vote.

This dynamic partnership seeks to harness the influence of The Maori Millionaire and the organisational prowess of the New Zealand Maori Council to drive a wave of young voters into the electoral process, in a short, snappy six-week campaign.

As a renowned and inspirational figure, 'The Maori Millionaire' has captured the imagination of people across the nation with her remarkable journey from humble beginnings to achieving financial success. Her story epitomizes the possibilities that await young individuals who embrace education, hard work, and determination.

Now, she is channelling her influence toward an even greater cause - empowering the next generation to shape their country's future through active participation in the democratic process.

The New Zealand Maori Council is an institution with a rich history of advocating for the rights and wellbeing of Maori communities. By joining forces with The Maori Millionaire, they aim to amplify their impact by encouraging young adults to exercise their right to vote. With a
strong focus on promoting equality, representation, and inclusivity, this partnership underscores the importance of ensuring that the voices of young people are heard in matters that affect their lives and the nation as a whole.

Through a series of innovative and engaging initiatives, The Maori Millionaire and the New Zealand Maori Council will work hand in hand to educate and motivate 18-year-olds about the significance of their vote.

By utilizing social media campaigns, community events, and educational resources, this collaborative effort aims to break down barriers to voter registration and empower the youth to play an active role in shaping the future direction of the country. Both The Maori Millionaire and the New Zealand Maori Council are excited about the potential impact of this partnership.

By leveraging the popularity of The Maori Millionaire and the longstanding credibility of the New Zealand Maori Council, they aspire to make a significant contribution to the nation's democratic process and inspire a new generation of informed and engaged citizens.