New Zealand Māori Council

Statutory representative body under the Māori Community Development Act 1962.

Hawai’i. In a show of unwavering solidarity, the New Zealand Māori Council expresses its heartfelt support for the
people of Hawai'i during these challenging times of devastation and destruction.

'Twenty-Two days later we still mourn the loss of lives in Lahaina, The Council extends its deepest aroha to the residents of Lahaina who have been impacted by the recent events and sends its aroha and support to the people of Hawai'i.

The Council, with a deep understanding of the struggles and efforts to regain cultural redress and ancestral lands, stands firmly behind the indigenous people of Hawai'i. Just as Māori communities have faced their own battles for land restoration, the Council recognizes the
importance of preserving cultural heritage and ensuring the well-being of indigenous communities.

In these trying moments, the Council stands with the people of Hawai'i in their fight to protect and reclaim their lands. Upholding the principles of cultural preservation and justice, the Council echoes its commitment to supporting the Hawaiian people's quest to maintain
ownership of their ancestral territories.

Chairperson Rev Harvey Ruru of the New Zealand Māori Council stated, "We understand the importance of safeguarding ancestral lands and cultural identity. Our hearts go out to the people of Lahaina, and we are united in the belief that together, we can overcome challenges
and ensure a brighter future for our indigenous communities."

The New Zealand Māori Council urges unity, compassion, and resilience during this time of crisis. Let us stand together as global indigenous communities, united by our shared struggles and aspirations.

The New Zealand Māori Council is a leading advocate for Māori rights, cultural preservation, and social justice. With a history of standing up for indigenous rights, the Council is committed to fostering understanding and collaboration among indigenous communities worldwide.